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PT Edvan Medisource Indonesia Tbk was established in 2019. Occupying a 12.1 hectares land, located in Brebes, Central Java. Our company produces medical products, mainly focusing on the spunbond-based medical disposable products.

Our company offers OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) based sales service. Our production activities are supported by modern machines and competent employees. All processing and levels in our production follow Standard Operational Procedure (SOP), owned by each work unit and integrated in order to maintain a high level of effectiveness and efficiency, and a culture of sustainable quality.

The import of medical products in Indonesia is massive. Due to that, our founder, Bun Edy Syin participated in providing domestic medical products independently, in which the quality of those medical products is comparable to the imported ones.

He had experiences, values, and abilities in medical product businesses since 2000, being a distributor of medical products in Jakarta, in which the business continued to develop. In 2009, he started a business of spunbond-based medical products in Bandung. PT Edvan Medisource Indonesia Tbk is a leading and trustworthy company in manufacturing innovative, high-quality products which are highly beneficial in improving the life qualities of the society, reducing the dependency of imported medical products.

PT Edvan Medisource Indonesia Tbk has been certified in SNI ISO 9002:2015, ISO 13845:2016, CE, EN as a medical product manufacturing company to ensure our high quality.

We are grateful and honored to keep our commitment to providing the best quality products, developing medical products, and also serving the country by creating independence in producing domestic health products to build a better Indonesia.

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Committed to producing quality and safe products with competitive prices in both local and global markets


To create independence in the availability of domestic medical products, which will create lesser dependence on imported medical products.

Why Choose Us?

We always keep the commitments with our customers.

We are priotizing communicative dialogue-based services to our customers.

We keep our production quality, capacity, lead and delivery time consistently.

Our Goals

Produce more functional products with best quality therefore can contribute to the world of medical products, especially in successing of our government's mission to accomplish domestic medical products, reducing the dependency of imported medical products.

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