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Produces medical products, mainly focusing on the spunbond-based medical disposable product.

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Supply Medical Needs

Our commitment is providing the best quality products, developing medical products, and also serving the country by creating independence in producing domestic health products.

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PT Edvan Medisource Indonesia Tbk has been certified in ISO 9001 :2015, ISO 13485:2016, Indonesian National Standard (SNI), CE and Good Manufacturing Practice for Medical Device (CPAKB) as a manufacturer medical products to ensure our high quality.

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PT. Edvan Medisource Indonesia Tbk

PT Edvan Medisource Indonesia Tbk was established in 2019. Occupying a 12.1 hectares land, located in Brebes, Central Java. Our company produces medical products, mainly focusing on the spunbond-based medical disposable products.

Our company offers OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) based sales service. Our production activities are supported by modern machines and competent employees. All processing and levels in our production follow Standard Operational Procedure (SOP), owned by each work unit and integrated in order to maintain a high level of effectiveness and efficiency, and a culture of sustainable quality.

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